DV 2025-2024 Registration Form from Nepal- Complete Guide

DV 2025-2024 Registration Form from Nepal

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Hello Friends, In this article we are going to discuss DV 2025 Registration Form from Nepal. Today, I will tell you complete step by step procedure to fill up EDV Registration form 2025-2024 from Nepal.

As we know, we all Nepali are so excited for EDV because we all know that if we get EDV then we will get chance to live in the United States of America not only this you will also get permanent citizenship of USA.

Without wasting any time let’s learn how to apply for EDV 2025 From Nepal.

DV 2025 Registration Form

First of all, DV 2025 registration form will be opened in 4th October 2023 at 9:45 P.M and will be closed in 7th November 2023. That’s why you should fill your dv form 2025 in the given time period otherwise you won’t be fill your form apart from above mentioned date.

How To Fill DV 2025 Form From Nepal?

Before applying to the DV 2025 you will need your passport size photo with 600×600 pixels dimensions. Your photo must be in Jpeg file format.

Apart from this, your photo must be less than or equal to 240 KB. Your image compression ratio should be less than or equal to 20:1 otherwise your photo won’t be accepted by DV rules.

Additionally, your photo size should be 2×2 Inches and also make sure that your photo follow DV guidelines.

Follow this steps to fill your DV Form 2025:

Step 1: Click on this official website link =https://dvprogram.state.gov/application.aspx

Step 2: Write Captcha Code & then click on the submit

Last / Family Name = In this section you should fill your caste name
For example : if your name is Ram Mandal then you should fill here “mandal”

First Name = Enter Your Name that is mentioned in your Citizenship.
For example: if my name is krishu jha then krishu is my First Name

Middle Name = If you have middle name in your name then write there otherwise check at no middle name.

Gender = Select your gender either you are male or female

Birth Date = Enter Your Date of Birth. Don’t add your B.S Date please add Your AD Date.

City Where You were born = Here you should write your city name where you are born you can check your citizenship for this information.

Country where you were born = Here you should say that in which country you are born. In my case I was born in Nepal. So I will write Nepal

Country of eligibility for the DV Program = Just Check at Yes

After that click on choose New Photo and then upload your photo.

Mailing Address = here you should add your Address Line 1, City, District, Postal Code

Country Where you live today = If you are living in Nepal then simply add Nepal otherwise add where you live now

Phone Number = Add Your Phone Number Here

Email Address = Add Your Email Here that u used in your daily life

What is Highest level of education you have = If you are 12 pass then select High School Degree. For others people, According to your education select your own

What is your current martial Status = Unmarried or Married

Note: If you are married then please add your wife information also so that it will be beneficial for you if you got your dv Lottery.

Number of children = If you have then write otherwise don’t write anything

Click on Continue

After that verify your all above information if everything is right then click on Submit

Once you click on submitted your form will be successfully submitted then please take screenshot or print of your Confirmation Number.

In this way you can simply fill your DV Form 2025.


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