How To Vote MC Stan 2023 – Bigg Boss 16

How To Vote MC Stan

Last Updated on फ़रवरी 1, 2023 by krishuzha

Hello Friends, In this article we are going to discuss How To Vote MC Stan. If you want to support MC stan and vote for him in Bigg Boss Season 16 then read this article till the End.

Today I will tell you step by step Guide so that you can vote for MC Stan.

How To Vote MC Stan?

Step 1: At First Open Your Voot App

Step 2: Then You have to LogIn On Voot App

Step 3: After that In Upper Slide You can see BIGG Boss Enter Now Option Simply Click On That Option

Step 4: Now, Scroll Down and then you can see Vote Now Option, Simply Click on that Option

Step 5: After that You will see List of Contestant who have been participating in Bigg Boss Season 16, So Now You have to select MC Stan and then Click on Submit

After that Your vote goes for MC Stan.

In this way, You can easily Vote for MC Stan in Bigg Boss Season 16.

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